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Warren Estates and the adjoining Manzanita Estates, located in southwest Reno, Nevada, comprise the largest residential geothermal space heating district in Nevada.

Nevada Geothermal Utility Company (NGUC), a privately owned utility, has operated the district since 1983 when it served only 10 homes. Today, the NGUC 130-acre service area serves 104 homes under contract for geothermal space and/or water heating and other related applications.

The geothermal district is a closed loop system. Geothermal water is pumped from two production wells to flat-plate heat exchangers at the surface. Hot water is circulated from the heat exchangers to the subdivisions via underground pipes. All geothermal water is injected back into the geothermal reservoir through a reinjection well located on the premises. In addition to the Public Utility Commission of Nevada (PUCN) regulations, NGUC is in compliance with permits and regulations of the Nevada Division of Water Resources and the Division of Environmental Protection.

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